Today, I was a mean mom

I was the mean mom today.

I was the mom who followed through with a severe consequence to severe actions.

4.5 days to clean her room.

4.5 days of reminders.

4.5 days arguing about it.

Last night I decided I was done arguing with a 9 year old about what I expect from her, as her mother and an adult.

So today, I was the mean mom.

I decided last night that I don’t have to constantly argue. There doesn’t need to be a fight.

There needs to be a clear expectation and a clear consequence.

Today she woke up at 8 and had breakfast.

The expectation was set that she had until noon to clean her room.

I told her there would be no reminders.

The consequence was set that at noon, whatever wasn’t put away, was going in the garbage.

At 10 am she was twirling around her room.

At 1030 am she was playing with her barbies.

At 11 am she was putting garbage in a pile.

At 1130 am she asked me to have a bath with her sister.

At 1145 am she decided she was going to actually clean her room.

At 12 pm, well, she was not done.

At 12 pm, I went in with a garbage bag and took everything that was on the floor, scattered across her dresser and bed, and tossed it in garbage bags.

Amongst these things were all her barbies and accessories. All her LEGO. All her Pokémon cards. A stack of books. Clothing. Shoes. A computer. Her SIMS games.

Today, I followed through with consequences.

It sucks. It is hard to watch her cry and break as hard as she did. I’m her mother, of course that hurts me.

But maybe next time she will think twice about defying the expectations of cleaning her room.

Today, I may have been the mean but mom, but I gave my child a life long lesson about how to be a successful adult.

Actions have consequences.

I’m okay with being the mean mom, today.

Published by S.M. Phoenix

I am a Canadian, single mom of two girls, who writes.

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