How Manipulative MLM Tactics Worked on me (and everyone else!)

This is an extremely transparent story of how I got tricked into not one, but FIVE MLM companies over a decade.

I have been with Norwex, Avon, some CBD oil company, Younique, and Scentsy. Apparently it took me a while to learn a lesson.

With Norwex, it was actually really simple – someone had posted a video about their mop system, and I liked it. Joined to get the starter kit, which came with the mop system and some other stuff I don’t even remember for a cheaper price than just the mop. Haha – that was an easy choice for me, but turns out – Norwex is crap and really weird. Why the hell would you buy clothes to clean your house that you don’t use product with? Self cleaning? I don’t think so, Susan.

Avon, again, easy. I was already buying the products, and sign up was super cheap. So I signed up for $10 bucks, got $300 dollars “credit” to spend, and then spent it ALL in one  order. I had some friends ordering too for a bit, but it was inconsistent.

CBD company was free to join, but no one wanted to buy it. I don’t blame them. Who knows where it was coming from.

Younique? Well, I am sure you all know by know about my blog about Younique. If not, read it here. I joined because I was watching this girl all the time on live having so much fun, talking about her “sisterhood”, and she seemed extremely positive. I will let you read the blog for the rest. She paid for my kit and I had to pay her back when I got paid. (super against the rules!) She said it’s great for single moms! All those manipulation tactics can be read about in the other post.

Scentsy – well, I did that one because I knew how many people LOVED scentsy. Made some friends through it, and definitely sold plenty! It actually wasn’t that horrible. I have a post here about that experience.

The manipulation tactics for most of these companies are simple:

  • wait for significant pay days like Child Tax, Disability payments, and Welfare cheque day to post sales and opportunities
  • advertise a “sisterhood” and sense of belonging
  • fake everything – make people believe you sell more, get paid more, etc
  • “Hey hun! I have been following you for a while and I just LOVE how driven/outspoken/kind/positive you are! You are so amazing, and I have an amazing idea!”

Who do they look for?

  • single or stay at home moms who don’t work
  • military moms who rely on their husbands military pay
  • overweight people who need to try “the best diet shakes ever!”
  • people with terrible skin (for skin products)
  • pregnant women
  • obviously conspiracy theorists, who believe anything
  • etc etc etc

Those are what they look for. You don’t have to be driven, or motivated. You don’t have a following of amazing women. You do not have business experience. You simply have to be in a shitty situation.

That is how they rope you in.

Don’t let it happen to you, like it did to me… 5 times.

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