Low Buy Challenge 2021; The Challenge

I joined a No Buy 2021 group on Facebook, and have noticed a lot of people doing Low Buy, instead. Basically, you make your own rules but the point is to spend as LITTLE in the year as possible. It is not to save money (although you will), it is to stop supporting consumerism and stop buying stuff just to have it.

This seems much easier for me, especially with some of my mental health issues causing me to spend where/what I shouldn’t. Low buy allows me some freedoms, and also doesn’t immediately set me up for failure.

Being honest, I’m pulling most of my plan out of my ass, however, I also am going through the posts in the group to gain ideas from others. A customized Low Spend challenge.

I am going to start by going through my budget and seeing where I have spent the most money in 2020. I can tell, without looking, it is probably a mix of take out and random miscellaneous purchases. Also, I have a LOT of subscriptions. These things will be cut out or minimalized as much as possible – as long as it is realistic.

Next, I will make a list of all the things I NEED to buy/replace this upcoming year. This list will be mostly bigger ticket items like furniture, wardrobe changes (season or size change), and a vehicle (plan to buy in September). I will stick to this list.

Then I will make a list of all items I can purchase in bulk, such as laundry pods, toilet paper, non-perishables, and cleaning supplies. These items I will shop around for the best price and buy enough to last as long as possible (maybe the year? maybe 6 months?) These will be the first set of items I buy in the new year.

The group I am in has mini challenges each month in that I will actively participate in with an open-mind. January is decluttering your digital world. Unsubscribing to emails that want you to buy things, removing Facebook ads that are geared to your searches, etc. I will spend the month doing this slowly, as to not take over all my time. I tend to get a bit obsessive once I am set on a task.

Lastly, my biggest plan is to declutter my home and take a mental inventory of what I have. I will try and follow the Marie Kondo method to decide what should stay and what should go. Only things of necessity and things that spark joy belong here. More than likely, I won’t force the kids to follow this, but we will all learn better ways to organize our belongings.

This is going to be tough for me, but hopefully it will help me with my overall personal wellness goal for 2021. More on that in a later blog post – watch for that next week!

Please keep an eye out for the next post in this series, which will contain the exact rules I am going to follow for the year. This will be out in the next day or two.

Thank you so much for following along in my journey. I love reading comments, so please let me know below any other things I could do to prepare, and what rules you would follow if you were doing a Low Buy challenge yourself.

Published by S.M. Phoenix

I am a Canadian, single mom of two girls, who writes.

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