Low Buy Challenge 2021; The Rules

I have decided to do a Low Buy Challenge for 2021. This is my journey..

Please check out my first post explaining the challenge, the why, and what my first steps are here.

These are the rules I intend to follow for the year:

  1. Groceries, cleaning supplies, and person hygiene products do not count against the budget; however, I will buy in bulk and low cost as much as possible. I will buy for what we like/eat, and not for intentions to follow new recipes – the fact is, I don’t ever actually roll around to making anything new. I will utilize sales and price matching to achieve the lowest price possible (also taking into account travel or delivery expenses).
  2. Take out limited to $30 (with tax, tip, and delivery) once per week; with fast food and eating at restaurants being my highest dollar amount in my budget, I have decided to cut down to a more realistic approach. Sometimes my mental health just doesn’t allow for me to cook or even make a can of soup.
  3. Furniture purchases are allowed, but only if necessary; Redoing the house has been something I have been slowly working on since leaving my abusive ex. I just want to make a nice home for us, and that requires furniture that fits both our space and lifestyle. I will buy for our needs and not for our wants.
  4. Make use of my local Buy Nothing group on Facebook; this group has people who are looking for all kinds of things – I will give away anything I don’t need, and use this group to search for things we want and need. (where applicable)
  5. No new books; exception: books belonging to my personal fandoms or new books in series I currently own. I have more than enough that I haven’t read that I am switching over to a digital copy. The only physical copies I am keeping are favourites/fandom related. (This will also remove 2 bookshelves in my home)
  6. If I can’t make at least $50 off an item, donate or trade it; this allows the things in my home to not sit around for long periods – we all know how long it can take to coordinate sales on Facebook marketplace or Kijiji, why go through all that for $15 bucks? Trading is beneficial to both parties, because I can potentially gain something I need.
  7. Developmental/educational toys only; Christmas and Birthdays do not count. During the remainder of the year, only toys that help benefit growth and development will be purchased at no more than $100 a month. This includes craft supplies.
  8. Clothing purchases will be limited; only purchasing for new seasons, or if damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced.
  9. Subscription services limited to $75 a month or less; for annual subscriptions, I will figure out the monthly cost and factor that in.
  10. $150 for Google Play cards twice a year; I’m an avid Pokémon Go player. This amount will be shared across all accounts, including the kids.
  11. Cancel my second phone line and tablet; high up front cost, but less over time due to only paying on the device tabs and not the monthly bills.
  12. Sort through and donate all clothing we do not wear and linens we do not use; this will cut down on the amount of laundry money needed ($5 a load!) and amount of time we spend doing laundry.

These can be added to if I see fit, but I cannot remove any of these rules.

These rules feel easy enough for me to follow. I would love ideas about how to keep myself accountable though – feel free to leave me some comments below.

Published by S.M. Phoenix

I am a Canadian, single mom of two girls, who writes.

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