How Manipulative MLM Tactics Worked on me (and everyone else!)

This is an extremely transparent story of how I got tricked into not one, but FIVE MLM companies over a decade. I have been with Norwex, Avon, some CBD oil company, Younique, and Scentsy. Apparently it took me a while to learn a lesson. With Norwex, it was actually really simple – someone had postedContinue reading “How Manipulative MLM Tactics Worked on me (and everyone else!)”

Tricks Hunbots Play

You may not be aware but all MLM companies give pretty much the same training to all their hunbots. I know, I’ve been in a few. Check out a few of these major “tricks of the trade”. *insert eyeroll here* The Trick Closed ended questions How It Works When asking if you want to knowContinue reading “Tricks Hunbots Play”

Who do the Hunbots Want?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is simply a cute way to say Pyramid Scheme. All MLM companies are the same. They prey on very specific people to “join their team”. These include but are not limited to: Single parents (mainly moms) Military spouses Obese people People with visible skin conditions People with mental illness People who areContinue reading “Who do the Hunbots Want?”

Why I decided to leave Younique after only 60 days..

January 9, 2019 I made the huge scary leap to join a direct sales company. Younique. They specialize in make up, skin care, and even fragrances. For the first month, I was super excited, extremely motivated, and definitely bound for success (according to my upline and teammates). I double promoted in the first 18 days.Continue reading “Why I decided to leave Younique after only 60 days..”