Low Buy Challenge 2021; The Rules

I have decided to do a Low Buy Challenge for 2021. This is my journey.. Please check out my first post explaining the challenge, the why, and what my first steps are here. These are the rules I intend to follow for the year: Groceries, cleaning supplies, and person hygiene products do not count againstContinue reading “Low Buy Challenge 2021; The Rules”

Memoirs of a Geisha: Fate vs Free Will

Hey everyone! I just want to start off by saying that this blog is a little different than I normally do, so bear with me. I have been instructed to do a multimedia essay for my final project for English class. So without further ado, here it is! Buckle up, folks. First, I want toContinue reading “Memoirs of a Geisha: Fate vs Free Will”

Father’s Day: it’s not about single moms

Hey, while the world is talking about equality, I would like to talk about something that is also important to remember in the month of June. With Father’s Day coming up, we are about to see a lot of posts regarding single mothers who “play both roles” and feel they deserve to be celebrated. Firstly,Continue reading “Father’s Day: it’s not about single moms”

Quarantine Diary #3: Single Parents

First and foremost, as a single parent, I get very heated when it comes to the judgments made upon us, and I do tend to let me emotions get the best of me. I can admit that, but it does NOT change the fact of how hard we really do have it sometimes. I cameContinue reading “Quarantine Diary #3: Single Parents”

Stop Glorifying Alcohol

I’m not here to preach sobriety on you nor tell you that drinking makes you a bad person. I am not here to judge you. I am simply here to discuss the societal norms of alcohol glorification, how it can lead to “acceptable” alcoholism, and how we can change it. The first culture that comesContinue reading “Stop Glorifying Alcohol”

Why the “village” raising your child needs to be more exclusive..

Last week I had an encounter that really had me thinking.. first I’ll share the encounter and then my thoughts. So today, a lady in the dollar store come up to me today because she heard me telling C to put things down and stop grabbing things in the cart because she would break them..Continue reading “Why the “village” raising your child needs to be more exclusive..”

Halloween: The Teen Treat Dilemma

With Halloween fast approaching (it’s tomorrow!), I keep seeing posts on both sides of the fence about who people hand candy out to. I’ll set the scene. It’s 7 pm, Trick-or-treating is halfway done, roughly. The doorbell goes off. You rush to the door with your big bowl of tiny snickers and suckers. You openContinue reading “Halloween: The Teen Treat Dilemma”

Summer Situations: Leaving Children in a Vehicle

Now that the summer weather is almost officially over, I wanted to write up a post about something very important. Something that gets bought up and gets dragged around like tin cans on a wedding limo. I want to discuss the matter of leaving children in a vehicle in the heat. There have been scientific/medicalContinue reading “Summer Situations: Leaving Children in a Vehicle”